sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Lula be a man at least one time in your life


Lula, washes the hands before coming back to Brazil, our country does not deserve to have in its territory somebody with the impregnated hands of the blood of Zapata Tamayo!
Orlando Zapata defended the human rights in Cuba, his death served to that Lula one more time placed the dignity of the Brazilians of knees.
Lula said he never know about the letter of the opponents, as always.
As always Raul Castro blamed U.S.A. for the death of Zapata, and Lula folloied with docile and alcoholic smile.
“If these people had spoken with me before, would have asked for to stop and I, who knows, would have prevented that he died, Any way I moan that a person who leaves to die for a hunger strike”.
Lula, others will go to die, what you will make pra to prevent it?
A suggestion: It leans Fidel and Raul in the wall! Then you show that in our country we respect the Human Rights. Thread the PNDH3 in the snout of the genocide dogs!
Lula be a man!
And I comment: Lula be a true man at least one time in your life!

Translated for Tereza -
from article: Cuba e Brasil - Fraternos Assassinos

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